About Us

At Parasol Base Patio we help you shop for a wide range of parasol base for your garden and patio. In this website you can find a wide range of such products from well known UK manufacturers. Know your requirements, compare the products and you can buy them online in just a few clicks.

You can find a great choice of parasol base with us. But you cannot buy them right in this website. Clicking on a product will redirect you to the seller’s website where you can purchase them. With us you can only choose and compare the wide range of strong and secure parasol bases from well known brands such as Alexander Rose, Barlow Tyrie, Bellagio, Hartman and more.  

Depending on your needs you can choose lightweight parasol, heavy duty base, cantilever base and so on. Our only aim is to help you reach out the large number of parasol base sellers and find the right one. But if you are not satisfied with the seller’s performance or services, or if you have an issue of delay or damage of product, then you should get in touch with the seller. We will not be liable for any such issues.

Whether you need a parasol patio that matches with your garden or patio furniture or need a strong base that could hold your large parasol, at Parasol Base Patio we assure to assist you in making the right choice. You can find us at your assistance round the clock. Let us help you choose the correct parasol base for your patio parasol.