Privacy Policy

At Parasol Base Patio we give top priority to the personal details provided to us. Go through this page to understand why we collect such details and how we use them. All information collected by us will be treated with respect. Besides, we utilise all safety measures to keep your details confidential.

You should understand that we are neither a seller nor a retailer. You need to provide us with your basic information whenever you seek to buy any product. Here we let buyers and sellers get connected so that they can carry on with their transaction. Once you have submitted us your request we will immediately get you connected to number of parasol base patio sellers.  

With us you can find details about products from various brands. We will never share your personal details without your consent. However, it is assumed that when you submit us your details, you are giving us consent for using it as per necessity.

While browsing through the website you can find third party links. You may access such links at your own risk as we do not control them. Such links are provided for your reference and convenience only. Our privacy policy does not cover up for such links. You are advised to read the privacy statement of the third party sites ahead of sharing any details.

All personal details collected by us will only be kept as long as they are either required by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected. You are free to visit this website without providing any personal detail.

We collect, store and process all information collected to process your request and to provide you with our services. The only reason behind passing on your information to sellers and third party is to make delivery of the product to you.

At Parasol Base Patio we may make changes in the privacy statement at any time. Visit us to stay updated.